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Delivery: Delivery is free within 30 miles of 3802 Angier Ave, Durham, NC 27703.

Distances longer than 30 mi are considered long distance and will be charged a set delivery fee of $150. If you are located further than 100 miles, please contact us before booking. 

Please fill out the booking form below to get the party started . . . .

Choose Your Package:

party starter rainbow.jpg
party starter monochrome.jpg
pink mono up and jump.png
up and jump rainbow.jpg
deluxe jam party.jpg
white bounce house.jpg
grey ball pit  4.25x4.25 (4x1x2 compact).jpg
For Monochrome Packages, choose up to 2 accent colors
Choose Your Add On
Will your party be Indoor or Outdoor? (If outdoor, ground MUST be level. We do not set up on rocks, dirt, gravel, or wet ground. Parties during May-August must have full covering outside. Soft play can get very hot to touch in direct sun. Please email clear photos of set up location. Customers must provide access to electricity.)
Party Location
Logistics (Check ALL that Apply)
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